Exams Procedure

1. Students taking the exams must:


a) have with them their student ID or other identification with a photograph with a penalty of exclusion from the exams if they are not identified by the lecturer, the supervisors or the supervisor,


b) have their mobile phones TURNED OFF in a position indicated by the course teacher, exam supervisor or supervisors;


c) have with them all the necessary means (pen, pocket computer, permitted aids) that are necessary for the examination;


(d) be present at the examination room at least five minutes before the typical examination start time.


2. Students must write their name and special registration number (AEM) wherever required, as soon as they receive the examination topics and sheets, 


3. After the submission of the exam topics and the provision of any explanations deemed necessary by the course teacher, it is not permitted:


a) the exchange of any object between students (pocket computer, book, paper, pencil, etc.);

b) the conversation between the students,

c) the copying in any way.


4. Students should write their name and sign the exam participation form that will be given to them by the supervisors BEFORE the delivery of their writing and their exit from the exam room.


5. Students may be required to complete a teacher and course evaluation questionnaire BEFORE the start of the examination. The accurate completion of the questionnaires is an important students’ contribution in the effort to improve their studies and it makes sense ONLY if the student attended a large percentage of the lectures.


6. Students must submit their exam papers before the deadline set by the course teacher.