Institutional Research Laboratories

The Department of Informatics has four institutionalized laboratories for conducting basic and applied research.

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The AETMA lab research focuses on the following research areas: Educational software development. Blended and distance education tasks. Mobile learning. Development of Augmented Reality applications and wearable technologies. Mobile application development. Enhanced learning technology. Assisted learning. Data mining, analysis, evaluation and optimization of learning processes in distance learning. Study of 2D and 3D virtual worlds and Augmented Reality in distance learning.

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The laboratory field of interests includes: Machines (either hardware or software) with which humans interact are constantly growing in both numbers and complexity; for example, the aforementioned machines include communication devices, computers, robots, and customer service software, et al. The laboratory aims at the study, analysis and design of hardware and software that allows the seamless cooperation of people with machines.

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The Laboratory of Industrial and Educational Embedded Systems of the Department of Informatics of DUTH (Government Gazette 628 / Β '/ 23.02.2018) covers the following research subjects: - Research and development of applications for the Industrial Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems. - Research and development of methodologies for designing complex systems (System of Systems) and innovative training programs for Systems Engineers. - Research and development of innovative educational methodologies and technologies for the dissemination of collaborative learning in the Laboratory subject areas. - Research and development of software applications and CAD tools for integrated electronic circuits and embedded systems. The director of the laboratory is Assistant Professor D. Karampatzakis. The premises of the Laboratory are at the room "Lab of Digital Systems" as well as the office space and the space for specialized equipment installation.

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The WeSIS Lab aims to conduct basic and applied research through national and international research programs. We undertake the planning, consulting and development of projects that meet the needs of society.

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