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The Library of DUTH in Kavala campus has been operational since 1989. In 2002, it was renamed to Department of Publications and Library and is an independent department of the Institution. Since 1998, it is housed in a newly built two-story building, with a total area of ​​800 m2 with a lending sector and a reading room of 200 seats. Its collection includes 30,000 books, 3,000 accessible (electronic and non-electronic) journal titles as well as a large number of dissertations. It is also subscribed to 17 electronic sources of information (online databases, digital libraries, statistical databases, etc.).

The Library of DUTH in Kavala the campus, as a modern academic library is an integral part of the education, learning, and support procedures, as well as of the promotion procedures of the educational and research work of the Institution. Its mission is to provide, manage, and make available information, to support undergraduate and graduate students, to strengthen and support the educational and research activities of the Institution and to substantially participate in every activity that promotes education.