Secretary Services



Konstantinos Dialektopoulos


Tel: (+30) 2510 462147 | Internal number: 147

Fax: (+30) 2510 462348



Ioannis Pexaras 

Tel: (+30) 2510462341 | Internal number: 341



The Department Secretariat is open daily for students 11:00 - 13:00. During this time each student can come and be informed about anything that concerns him/her or get various documents, such as:


__ Study Certificates

__ Certificate of student status

__ Official transcript

__ Graduation certificate


The studies' administrative support is covered by the Department Secretariat. The support covers many actions with an emphasis on the following:


__ Registrations, rankings and students transfers

__ Implementing student registers

__ Certificate issuance

__ Scholarships and loans

__ Collection and processing of studies' statistical data

__ Issuance of course grades

__ Prerequisites, exemptions from courses

__ Issuance of a study booklet

__ Issuance of diplomas