Student Mobility

The Department of Informatics actively participates in the Erasmus Program. Student mobility takes place under this Program through the Erasmus Office, (for one-semester studies or internships) at EU universities or companies.

Head of the Department of International and Public Relations (through which the Erasmus program operates) is Mr. Nikos Kiourtis (tel. +30 2510462290), as well as Ms. Faye Georgiadou (tel. +30 2510462221) and Ms. Anna Maditianou (tel. +30 2510462308).

The Erasmus Office is located in the building of the University Library (University Campus of Kavala). More information can be found on the Erasmus page and at the Erasmus Office itself. 

Responsible for Erasmus: Lefteris Moussiades (

Courses offered to Erasmus Students

Algorithms and Data Structures

Artificial Intelligence

Bioinformatics Algorithms


Embedded Systems

ICT in Education

Introduction to Java

Technologies of the Internet of Things

Also, the department supervises degree theses for Erasmus students.